As a small business owner with a chronic illness, I know that running your own business or direct sales venture requires a lot of grit. Here is where I’ll share my tips and favorite resources for running a business that will help you work smarter NOT harder. I also frequently share my advice for small business owners in our Full of Grit & Grace Facebook group.

Some of the links are “affiliate links”, which means I may earn money if you choose to purchase something from the links in these posts. The price is the same whether it is an affiliate link or not. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I believe will add value to your business or life. You can read my full affiliate disclosure here.

Recommended Free Downloads:

Learnt to prioritize ruthlessly for success in your business

Prioritizing Ruthlessly: Do you struggle with consistency in your social media marketing or your business? Learn my strategies for consistency, including prioritizing ruthlessly in my blog post and download my free checklist.

Reclaim Your Schedule: 3 Simple Steps to finding MORE time in your busy day.

Diagnose Your Facebook Business Page: You have 10 seconds from the moment someone lands on your page to capture their attention. Download this checklist to make sure you aren’t losing your prospects before you even have a chance. 

Define Your Personal Branding: 5 Questions to ask yourself to define your personal branding. There are hundred’s of people that do what you do and that’s why a personal brand is so important.

Monthly WordPress Checklist for Bloggers:Lost as to what to do every month to keep your WordPress dashboard ticking along? Me too lol! Grab this free monthly checklist.

Creative Market: Weekly Free Graphics and Fonts.

Friends In Our Phone Podcast

3 friends chatting business, social media, and the things that make you go hmmm. Listen to our latest podcast here.

3 friends chatting business, social media, and the things that make you go hmmm. Listen to our latest podcast here.

Recommended Blogging Tools

How Blogging Can Help Your Business and strategies for getting started

MiloTree: By far the quickest, cheapest, and most effective tool I’ve found for growing your email list and social media following. Try it free for 30 days!

Build Your Own Blog from the Purple Teacup: Options starting at $87

BluChic Themes and Templates: I use the Naomi Theme, personally!

SiteGround Website Hosting: Easy to use website hosting and management.

Recommended Business Tools

PicMonkey: Great online and mobile tool for creating graphics!

Tailwind: A great tool for improving your Pinterest and Instagram presence and making your life a LOT easier too.

Grammarly: Compose bold, clear, mistake-free writing with Grammarly’s AI-powered writing assistant.

TapBio: is a mini-website, in story form, that you make and manage on your phone, inside Instagram. With Tap Bio, anyone using Instagram can control where they’re pointing their followers so that their followers can early connect directly to any links they share.

Podia: Looking to make your own course, ebook, or membership group? This is an excellent, easy to use, course creation and membership site hosting platform.

Otter: Free voice recording and transcription app!

Recommended Business Building Courses

Creating a Dynamic Business Name : A systematic process to choosing a dynamic and memorable business name.

Target Audience- Who Are You Selling to?: Do you know what to say to every customer who walks through the door (virtually or otherwise) that will get them to stay, hang out with you, and shop? If not, then this class is for you. Before you can sell to someone, you have to know who they are.

Facebook Business Pages: With 2 Billion users, you know you need a FB Page to increase your reach, but you aren’t really sure how it integrates with your group strategy, what you would use it for, what to post, and frankly how it works in the first place. In this course, you will learn all about the Facebook Business Page and how it integrates with your overall sales strategy!

Creativity is King! Understanding Ad Psychology: What can you say that’s going to make someone shop with you? Where can you go to learn all about graphics and imagery and attracting new people to your group? How do you say the words that’ll make someone feel compelled to click on your ad?

The Social Strategy Squad Premium Small Coaching Group: If you run your own business and you feel like you’ve tried all of the things on social media, but aren’t seeing results and you don’t know why – then you have found the right place! Chances are you’re probably feeling like you’re constantly trying to play catch up, and you’re exhausted. Are you burned out from trying to stay on top of the constant Facebook Algorithm changes? Do you want someone to help you figure out what you need to do that will actually work?

That’s where we come in.