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Are You An Influencer?

I was also compensated to create this post, though all opinions are my own. I have a full affiliate disclosure that you can find here

‘Influence isn’t the same as popularity. Influencer drives action. Influencers are change agents.”

Scott Guthrie

Don’t think you’re an influencer because you don’t have thousands of followers? Or even hundreds? That doesn’t mean you don’t have influence! Limiting beliefs that we place on ourselves can hold us back from making a difference, but you can act like an influencer without being a ‘famous’ internet sensation.

Brands are estimating that they may double spending on influencer marketing this year, and there are some exciting trends on the horizon. But if you want to be a successful influencer? In my opinion, you have to be truly authentic. And ideally, you have to understand your niche.

Could I become an affiliate, brand ambassador, or influencer for any random company? Sure, it’s possible. I could recommend a whole bunch of supplements, website services, or mattresses even. But does it make sense for me as an influencer? Absolutely not. I only recommend products and services that I actually love and use myself, because otherwise, I cannot give an authentic and detailed review. 

For me as a chronic illness advocate and social media marketer, it’s personally very important to me that I share the positives AND the possible negatives of each product I use and recommend. For example, I do take a lot of supplements that help me, but I am not an ‘influencer’ for any of these brands because I don’t feel I have compared enough to recommend one brand over the other. I know that my symptoms and the things that help me are unique to me and my situation and that what works for me won’t work for everyone with Multiple Sclerosis. 

I strive to provide full comprehensive reviews on the products that I use and enjoy because I hope that it will help others in similar situations. Yes, I do often make a little money if someone buys from my affiliate link, but they don’t pay any extra and sometimes they actually pay less because I have an influencer discount code. Customers are sick of being sold to on pop up ads, commercials, emails, text messages etc., but influencers that are trusted by their community can bring a fresh perspective to marketing campaigns. 

How Will Influencers Change Marketing?

Influencers can make a very positive impact on brand marketing, especially as our tools continue to expand and make it easier to create great content. Thankfully, disclosure is becoming easier on every social media platform. Plus more brands are creating clear guidelines that include information that will help the influencer community create better quality reviews as well. I think that influencers are also realizing that there can easily be TOO much of a good thing, so they are actively working to create non-sponsored content that’s just as good as their sponsored content as well.

Are you ready to get started as an influencer? The good news is, if you’ve ever offered a friend your opinion on a product or service you use then you already ARE an influencer. Influencer marketing is simply the virtual version of good old fashioned word of mouth marketing. So why not share the products you love on the social media channels that you’re already using anyway?

Who are your favorite influencers and what do you like most about them? 

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