Top gifts for chronic illness warriors

Best Deals on Gifts for Chronic Illness Warriors

Just so you know, I may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post, but it won’t affect the price you pay at all! All opinions are my own and I only recommend products I have tried and loved. I have a full affiliate disclosure that you can find here

Holidays are stressful in general, but we all know that stress and chronic illness, like Multiple Sclerosis, don’t mix well! To help, I put together a list of some of my favorite products, many of which are on sale now, for you or the ‘spoonies‘ in your life. I hope that these ideas help you and I’d love to hear what else you’d like me to add too!

Handles You’ll Love that also Support a Great Cause

What’s a LoveHandle? Nope, not something from too many holiday treats! It’s actually a handle for all the tech devices that help you connect with people you love! I chose to partner with LoveHandle on this initiative, as I discovered that the product helps keep me from dropping my phone, especially on high pain days. LoveHandle makes it easier to hold my phone, so I can connect with friends when I need support the most. I am totally biased because I had the privilege of working with LoveHandle to design this new line of handles, which will also benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society too! They make perfect stocking stuffers too…Santa always rewards hard-working advocates and chronic illness warriors!

LoveHandle makes it easier to hold my phone, so I can connect with friends when I need support the most. I am totally biased because I had the privilege of working with LoveHandle to design this new line of handles, which will also benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society too!

Helpful Tech Gifts for Spoonies

Do you struggle with drinking enough water?! ME TOO. Especially in the wintertime, but the HidrateSpark3 has been a lifesaver for me! It reminders me (nicely, no annoying beeping) to drink my water and it even glows when I can’t find the damn thing…which is more often then I’d like to admit. You can use code JENNA5 to save on yours!

SHOP Tech deals for spoonies and chronic illness warriors
Staying hydrated can help manage chronic fatigue too

The EmbrWave Temp Control Bracelet is one of my very favorite products that I use daily! Do you struggle with temperature control? I do, and the Embr Wave bracelet can help you warm-up or cool down with just the touch of a button. Read my full review here.

Let’s face it, when you’re young with chronic illness, you don’t want to be twinning with your Grandparents. The Freedom Guardian looks like your average smartwatch, with integrated mobile phone and two-way communication capabilities. It’s an all-in-one wearable medical alert device and a reliable smartwatch all in one. Safety and style, now that’s my fav!

Please keep in mind, that no one wants to be ‘surprised’ with a medical alert device as a gift. Even if you think they need it. This is only a great gift if the person is requesting one! Otherwise, you’re going to risk making them feel bad about themselves, and no one wants that.

Prone to overheating? The Koldtec cooling towel is made of high-tech flex-ice that keeps cool up to two hours! I wear mine while exercising, getting infusions, and any time I’m outside in the heat. Save extra through 12/2/19 with code BFCM20.

Stylish Gifts for Spoonies You Love!

Well, of course, I’m going to give a shout out to the little Advocate like A Warrior shop I’ve created. Who knew sharing and never shutting up about your disease had an official term?! Well, apparently that’s advocacy LOL! I’m kidding…sorta. Anyway, you can get free shipping on all Advocate Like A Warrior shirts and swag with code THANKFUL. Plus all net proceeds will be donated to the MS Society through December 31, 2019.

Save 20% of on advocacy shirts and swag with code WARRIOR1

BUT YOU LOOK SO GOOD. Thanks, I know. LOL. Seriously, I look good because I love fashion and makeup despite being chronically ill. If your favorite spoonie loves fashion and makeup too, I recommend the clean beauty products from Sephora. Here are some of my favorites.

The thing with a chronic illness is that our lives are often so unpredictable, we don’t know how we will feel from one day to the next. That’s why having a subscription to a clothing service like Gwynnie Bee can be a lifesaver. We don’t have to go to the store to try things on, and we don’t have to invest in clothes for special occasions that we will only wear once. WIN-WIN.

If you’ve checked out my Instagram feed lately, you know I love shopping for clothing on Amazon too. Click here to check out some of my favorite Amazon clothing deals and gifts!

Nothing makes an outfit look new again and fabulous like a new piece of jewelry. That’s why I LOVE getting the monthly box from Rocksbox with three pieces of designer jewelry! Use code: TheJennaGreenXOXO to get a FREE box for your first month AND use code HOLIDAY50XOXO to save 50% off your first two months (valid until 12/2/19). You can even shop in their store directly and save too. Who wouldn’t love a little more sparkle in their life?!

Winter can be tough, especially if your chronic illness makes you stay home more than you’d like. Target and Macys both have great deals on cozy sweaters, blankets, pillows, sheets and more that will make any spoonie feel special (assuming you’re their mom or another loved one… if you’re their significant other and they want something romantic as a gift, cozy slippers are a fail!). Don’t forget that subscriptions/gift cards to places your friend loves or uses often are also great gifts. You can never go wrong with a Prime Membership!

My friend MS Tripping On Air also has some fabulous gift ideas and I always love her blog posts. Stay tuned as I will update this post throughout the holidays! Need help finding a gift for someone in particular in your life? Shoot me a message on Instagram or comment below and I’d be happy to help you pick something out! Why? Because shopping is my favorite sport!

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