Virtual doctors, the wave of the future?

Virtual Doctor Visits: The Wave of the Future?

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Being sick sucks, right?! No one wants to be stuck home on the couch with any kind of cold or sickness. But having a cold or infection when you already live with chronic illness….ugh that really sucks.

The idea of calling your primary care doctor, scheduling an appointment, waiting on hold, driving to your appt, waiting in the office, ugh. Or even worse, waiting at urgent care surrounded by more sick people. That’s overwhelming to the average person, but if you already struggle with chronic pain and fatigue? No, thank you!

That’s why when my friend recommended My Virtual Doctor, I gave it a try when I woke up with a sinus infection last week. I know my own body very well. Despite my best efforts to prevent sickness, I have had more than a dozen sinus infections. Would have I considered a virtual doctor if I wasn’t so confident in what was wrong with me? Maybe not. But this time, it saved me an exhausting trip to the doctor’s office and it was super easy to get the help I needed. Plus, the $14.99 it cost for a month of unlimited tele-visits is the same price I’d pay as a co-pay at urgent care or my PCP.

It took less than 15 minutes to sign up for the service. The hardest part was finding my ‘welcome’ email in my spam folder! I put in my information and health concerns, which was essentially exactly what my Primary Care Physician would have asked. They asked what my symptoms were, how long I’d had them, if I had a fever, allergies, etc. I was told I’d have a doctor call me within an hour.

Sick? It Might Be More Convenient to have a Virtual Doctor!

Unfortunately, it was a Saturday and they had ‘high call volume’, so I got two phone calls telling me that there was a delay and I was still in the queue. I didn’t mind the delay since I was still comfy on my couch and cuddled with my dog, Dixie. If I had been waiting for longer because of a lot of patients at the doctor’s office….well you know I’d be pissed and exhausted. Fortunately, at home, I had all of my ‘sick day’ essentials…my soft tissues, a cup of tea, saline rinse, humidifier, and a heating pad.

Sick day snuggles cure almost everything. For every day colds and infections, there's My Virtual Doctor. Click to read my review.

When I spoke with the doctor, I had opted for a telephone visit, not a video visit, he was kind and professional. He had the same questions and advice I have heard a dozen times at urgent care with a sinus infection. Within fifteen minutes he had called an antibiotic prescription into my local pharmacy. And I was still in my pjs! I recommend this service if you know your body well and have a minor illness or cold that you want to talk to a professional about. You can also opt to have a video call and you can email them photos if applicable.

What is Telemedicine?

“The remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunications technology.” But what is it really? It’s receiving quality care in your own home. It’s the comfort of knowing a doctor is always just minutes away. It’s the medical care you want at the price you can afford. You will have access to our own doctorโ€™s network as well as that of MDLive. This means you will get the care you need, when you need it. Any time of day, any day of the week.”

My Virtual Doctor Website

According to their website, they treat over 50 non-emergency conditions and they also have plans that help patients with prescription drug costs and healthcare advocacy! I will definitely be checking out their other services too.

What helps you to feel better when you’re under the weather?

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