Does the Embr Wave actually work as a personal thermostat? Click to read my review!

Want Your Own Personal Thermostat? An Embr Wave Review!

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Your Personal Thermostat. Embr Wave helps you feel colder or warmer at the press of a button. Own your temperature.


Summer is here and whether you have serious heat intolerance, as I do now, or if you simply enjoy being comfortable (crazy idea, right?!), I think you’ll enjoy the Embr Wave and I recommend it.

I know many women who joke that summer is ‘office winter’ because the a/c in their corporate jobs blasts 24/7 and makes the office super uncomfortable. Then winter actually arrives, and the heat is never warm enough, right?!

I used to look forward to summer heat waves all winter long, and I would bask in the sun for hours at the beach (with sunscreen, of course). Now, my Multiple Sclerosis has made heat above 70 degrees or so unbearable. I also have additional muscle pain below 40 degrees. I’m basically the worlds most annoying person to share a thermostat with, but thankfully my husband still likes me! So when I heard of the Embr Wave personal thermostat, I knew I had to give it a try.

Can a Fancy Bracelet Help Regulate My Temperature?

The Embr Wave looks like a large fancy watch (without the face), has an adjustable magnetic wrist band, and an easy to use app that helps it to regulate your ideal temperature and ‘mode’.

Is it going to feel like you have an air conditioner with you on a 90-degree day outside? NOPE. But is it able to make a small difference (for me, and others per their website) in your comfort level each day? YES. And for me, that is worth the investment in my health and happiness.

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In my experience, the Wave has helped in a variety of ways:

  • I usually wake up soaked in sweat each morning (gross, sorry), but since using the cooling nighttime function, that hasn’t happened.
  • When it was my Grandfather’s birthday, I was able to focus on the cooling waves on my wrist and enjoying my family, instead of trying not to pass out from the warmth in the room (yes, heat intolerance is that bad).
  • I often need a heating pad to calm my shoulder dystonia (spasms), but that makes me overheated and fatigued. The Wave helps me stay at a comfortable temperature while I soothe my muscles with heat.
  • Going from the cool A/C to the warm backyard, even just to take my dog out or go to my car, can be extremely hard on me and others with a chronic illness too. Turning my Wave on beforehand has helped make the temperature change far less drastic and way more comfortable on me!
  • When New England weather dropped 30 degrees in less than 24 hours last month, I turned on the warming function for the first time that cold morning and stopped shivering after a few minutes.
  • It helped me calm my anxiety! While waiting at the vet (yes, I’m a crazy dog mom), I focused on the cooling sensations for the three-minute cycle and calmed my anxious mind with mindful breathing timed to the waves. Psych Central recommends using an ice cube on your wrist to calm anxiety, but this was less messy!
Your Personal Thermostat. Embr Wave helps you feel colder or warmer at the press of a button. Own your temperature. Use code GRIT to save 10% on your purchase.
You know I’m a big fan of affiliate marketing, so I reached out to Embr and they were cool enough to give me an affiliate link. Plus, a special discount code: GRIT so you can save 10%!

So How Does the Embr Wave Work?

Science shows that warming or cooling sensitive areas of your body changes your overall comfort. You’re supposed to wear the Wave on the inside of your wrist (although I’ve put it in my bra too, and it worked there too!). According to Embr Labs, “Embr’s patented technology, Embr Thermal Waveforms, cool or warm the temperature-sensitive skin on your wrist in waves. This creates a natural response that makes you feel colder or warmer overall in minutes.”

Embr Wave leverages a phenomenon called the “Peltier Effect” and a unique control system to generate dynamic thermal sensations.

Embr Labs

Is Embr Wave Worth the Investment?

If you can and want/need to prioritize your own comfort, then absolutely. It’s currently $299 (plus free shipping and you can save 10% with my affiliate code: GRIT). The Wave has 30-day money back guarantee, which is one of the reasons I feel confident recommending it. I know that while it works for me, everyone’s body is different! It also comes with a one year warranty and there is a payment plan available. Plus, it has a decent battery life (I only need to charge mine every few days) and is super easy to use.

Does it allow me to sunbathe for hours? No, of course not (and really, that’s for the best)! What is HAS down is me to focus more on the joy of each moment than on the temperature of my surroundings. And that is priceless.

What tools and tricks do you employ to stay comfortable in the summer heat?

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