Want to increase your sales? Improve your call to action. Click to read how!

Increase Your Sales By Improving Your Call To Action!

Just so you know, I may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post, but it won’t affect the price you pay at all! I have a full affiliate disclosure that you can find here.

No matter why type of product or service that you sell, creating an effective call to action (CTA) will greatly increase your engagement on social media. Increased engagement activity on all of your posts will lead to more people seeing your sales posts and engaging with those posts as well. What does that lead to? More sales! Winning!

Why Using a Call To Action is Critical

In fact, creating effective calls to action can increase traffic to your blog AND your affiliate marketing sales too. Ready to learn about affiliate marketing? Be sure to sign up for my newsletter and get my five favorite affiliate income sources for brand new marketers and check out my affiliate marketing basics course here too!

Want to increase your sales? Improve your call to action. Click to read how!

So now you know why having a call to action on every post is important. But, how do you actually implement it? Here are the strategies that I use:

Strategies for Creating a Call to Action

Consider the platform (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Blog etc.) and think about what you want your visitor to do? On a blog, it’s generally going to be to fill out a form or to click on a button (and then fill out a form or make a purchase).

On social media, you’ll want your target audience to like and comment on your post, and even better, share it too! However, outright asking for comments and likes can actually hurt your posts reach.

This means that your call to action (CTA) is just as important as your post itself, and you want to spend time on it. You not only want it to appeal to and motivate your visitors to take action, but you also want it to be clearly visible and apparent, without being blatant if your post is on social media.

So how can you craft a creative call to action without sounding desperate or spammy?

I have some examples for your below:

Calls to Action on Your Blog

For example, by creating a call to action that drives sign-ups to your newsletter, you can grow your email list. Therefore increasing your chances for affiliate sales as you’ll send them valuable info, blog posts, and relevant products that you recommend. Here are a few examples of clear calls to action to use on your blog posts:

  • “Claim your free subscription.”
  •  “Click here _____”
  • “Click here to start your free trial.”
  •  “Don’t waste precious time, learn how to ___ now.”
  • “Download your free report.”
  • “Sign up for your introductory ______”

You’ll notice that I offer a free checklist to help you Prioritize Ruthlessly as one of my lead magnets for my email newsletter. You can read my blog on this here and see where I used calls to action too! Want to learn to create optimized opt-ins? Join Michele M Bradley for her next 511 workshop here.

Why Work Harder when We Can Work Smarter?!

As my talented friend Michele M. Bradley said “Social Media can be exhausting and a lot of times when you don’t get the interaction you want, you feel defeated. These are not the feelings of a confident business owner.

So what can we do to change it?

Creating a post that sparks conversation, encourages interaction and stops the scroll not only help our reach but they help our mindset.” AMEN, right friends?! Mindset is a huge part of our success in any business. Improving our calls to action both on social and in our blog posts will help us mentally as much as they will help us financially.

Since I too am working to improve my calls to action, and optimizing my Facebook page, I will be joining Michele in her upcoming workshop on June 17th: #Bradley511 Creating Perfect Cover Photos.

Her trainings, including her course on naming your brand and her one on one work with me on my branding, have been absolutely priceless. If you want to join us, check out the workshop here

What type of a post encourages you to comment or engage on social media?

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