can you retrain your brain to unlearn chronic nerve pain?

Actipatch Review: Does it Help with Pain?

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We all deal with aches and pains, but what happens when the pain won’t go away? I was in a car accident 5 years ago, and I’ve had chronic back pain and sciatica ever since. After herniated discs, back surgery, and dystonia (muscle spasms) from my Multiple Sclerosis, my back pain is chronic and often quite miserable.

Three weeks ago, I saw an advertisement for the ActiPatch and decided to give it a try. $30 with free shipping for the chance at pain relief for 720 hours, why not?!

Of course, I’ve tried everything to help relieve the pain. I go to weekly massage appointments and often see a chiropractor. Yes, I have done physical therapy, acupuncture, cortisone injections, and I make many accommodations to my life to help make my pain more manageable. And I’ve met with countless doctors. I shared a few of my tips on The Unchargeables blog as well.

Does it Really Work?!

Yes! Surprisingly, I’ve been wearing my ActiPatch for two full weeks, and it has made a great difference in my pain level. Has it solved everything? No, of course not. But has it lowered my overall pain level? YES.

Wearing the ActiPatch on my right shoulder, where my MS has caused uncontrollable muscle spasms, has helped me the most. Does the muscle still spasm? Of course. But it hurts substantially less thanks to my patch.

can you retrain your brain to unlearn chronic nerve pain?

How does it work? Magic? Their website says: When you have chronic pain—like my nerve pain—your nerves are constantly sending pain signals. There are 2 problems causing your pain: 1) “Wear and tear”,leading to bone-on-bone contact and pain/inflammation. 2) The faulty pain signaling that your nerves learn from sending pain signals for too long.

ActiPatch works on this faulty signaling: When nerves in your painful shoulder constantly send pain signals over a long period of time, the nerves “learn” to “over-react”, like developing an allergy. During regular activities, instead of communicating normally with your brain, the nerves in your spine “over-react” and falsely send pain signals to the brain—and deliver “real” pain signals much more strongly than they normally would.

ActiPatch helps your nerves “unlearn” pain

ActiPatch helps retrain your nerves—teaching them to quit sending so many abnormal pain signals. Using rapidly pulsing electromagnetic waves (so low you can’t even feel them), but high enough to provide benefits, ActiPatch “teaches” your “over-reactive” nerves to signal correctly again. And, because it’s wireless, you don’t need to attach anything, you just put it directly on your skin or over bandaging, hold it in place with adhesive or a wrap and let it work! It’s so light and small that you can’t tell that you’re wearing it under your clothes.

ActiPatch helps retrain your nerves—teaching them to send pain signals normally again.

I gave my mom an ActiPatch and it has helped her back pain as well. Of course, she forgets to wear hers, so it hasn’t helped her as much. I wear mine constantly, and it’s light enough so that I don’t even notice it when I’m sleeping etc.

While I still live in pain daily, I am glad to have found the ActiPatch. It works along with my daily stretching routine and therapies.

If you live with pain, how do you cope?

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