50 Social Media Engagement Post Ideas for Small Businesses & Direct Sellers

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Why do people go to Facebook? To waste time at work? Probably (I won’t tell your boss)! 

The three main reasons that people use Facebook are actually very simple, they’re looking for: information, entertainment, and community. People go to Facebook to see what their friends are up to, to oooh and ahh over their cousin’s new baby’s photos, and to connect with their community of friends and family. 

Have you ever opened the Facebook App hoping that someone would ask you to buy something you don’t even think you need?! Nope, me neither!

However, Facebook groups and Facebook business pages are excellent tools for selling on social media. Most direct sales companies and small business owners are encouraged to advertise their products on Facebook, but if you’re constantly posting promotional content and nothing else, you’re going to alienate all of your Target Audience and potential customers. Plus, Facebook favors non-sales posts, which makes it critical to post high engaging non-spammy content so that you’re promotional posts are also seen by your target audience. 

Now the BIG question is, what the heck do I post to engage with my Facebook community?! Start by figuring out who your ideal customer is, what they like, what interests and entertains them. If you need help defining your target audience, I recommend this course

Once you’ve defined your target audience, you’ll find it much easier to share content that they will engage with! Be sure to include original images whenever possible, writing an engaging story, and including a call to action.

Are you struggling with creating engaging stories for your social media? We consistently review posts and give feedback for the members of the  Social  Strategy Squad, a small premium coaching group. I also recommend downloading the weekly free backgrounds, templates, and fonts or purchasing your favorites from Creative Market to help you create your own graphics and stand out from the crowd!

Here are 50 engagement post ideas:

Improve your facebook group engagement and increase your sales with these 50 post ideas

1. Ask your group where they’re from and use the recommendation feature to create an interactive map! 

2. Create a poll in your group with photos or gifs. Ex: Do you prefer Nachos or Buffalo wings? The Beach or the Mountains?

3. Share a 360 degree (panoramic) photo of your view/workspace and ask them to share their view too! 

4. Create a ‘watch party‘ and watch a video that you know you’re community will love. 

5. Share a gif and have a ‘gif dance party’.

6. Ask their opinion on your outfit and give them a few choices (people love to share their opinions!)

7. Ask what their favorite taco toppings are on #TacoTuesday! 

8. Share a favorite recipe and ask for some of their favorites too.

9. Ask them to tell you a happy story in just 3 words.

10. #MotivationMonday: ask them to share their favorite motivational quotes

11. Invite your community to join you in a challenge: example, water challenge Wednesday.

12. Ask what their favorite seasonal activity is.

13. Ask what their favorite sport is.

14. Tell a story about your past and ask them to share a similar #ThrowbackThursday photo and story.

15. Ask them what food that they hate that everyone else seems to love?

16. Share your funny pet photos.

17. Share your favorite memes.

18. Ask what the best movie is that they have seen lately.

19. Ask what book they are reading.

20. Ask them if they have a garden and what their favorite flower is.

21. Share a photo of your closet and ask them what color they wear the most. 

22. Ask if they could go anywhere right now, where would they go?

23. Ask who they’d love to have a coffee date with (anyone in the world!). 

24. Share a photo from your last vacation and ask them what their favorite vacation spot is.

25. Create a fun and unique name generator, like what’s your superhero name?

What's your Superhero name? FB engagement post ideas

26. Ask them what their favorite song is.

27. Share a silly photo of yourself and ask them to copy it and share.

28. Ask what their favorite comfort food is.

29. Share your outfit and ask them what they’re wearing too.

30. Celebrate a random holiday.

31. Ask them what their favorite podcast is.

32. Ask them what their favorite rainy day activity.

33. Brag Flag Friday: ask them to share something good that happened this week.

34. Ask them if they prefer iced or hot coffee or tea. 

35. Ask if they prefer cats or dogs. 

36. Make a funny saying with your initials.

37. Share your best self care tips.

38. Ask what the funniest thing was that happened to them this week.

39. Ask them to describe you with a gif.

40. Ask them what their spirit animal is and why.

41. Ask them what their favorite childhood toy was and why.

42. Share your guilty pleasure food and ask what theirs is.

43. Ask them what 3 words they would use to describe you.

44. Make up a holiday and ask them what holiday they would make up to celebrate.

45. Ask them what their must have beauty product is.

46. Ask them what their ideal temperature is and why.

47. Ask them what their least favorite chore is.

48. Ask them what movie they could watch over and over.

49. Share your favorite styling tips and ask them to share theirs too.

50. Ask them what they think of the latest dance trends. 

I hope you find these engagement post ideas helpful! If you’re looking to be more consistent in your business, I’d love to have you join my new Facebook group as well. Full of Grit and Grace is a group for anyone that cannot work a traditional 9-5 job due to chronic illness, mental health, or other factors. Together, we thrive through life’s challenges with grit and perseverance while giving ourselves (and others) grace and understanding. We each determine our definitions of success, and we encourage each other along the way. 

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